They are the men behind the scene and their work often goes unnoticed.

But they are the staging guys, without whom PETRONAS Le Tour de Langkawi 2023 will not reach the splendour and aplomb that it is at every start and finish of each stage.

Shariff Jafril, the Staging Head of Department for PETRONAS Le Tour de Langkawi 2023, admitted that it is a very challenging job which at ofttimes goes unappreciated.

“It is very, very challenging as it is very much dependent on the weather condition and also the venue of the start and finish that have been chosen,” said Shariff.

“If it does not rain, it will take around eight hours to set up the finish staging, complete with the prize giving stage. But if it rains, it can take up to 12 hours to do the set up.

“Of course, the staging for the start is much easier when compared to the finish because the parrel lines of fencing leading all the way to the finish gantry took hours to set up.”

Shariff said his staff strength is around 70 personnel with almost everyone working non-stop from day one to deliver a quality cycling race regarded as perhaps the best in Asia.

Comparatively, the amount of equipment for the start is worth five lorries as compared to the finish which required 25 lorries to transport all the required gear.

“Lack of sleep is something which we in the department is used to,” he quipped.