It takes more than just sheer willpower to move 1200 people daily from one place to another in a controlled environment.

It takes planning, coordination and also a certain sense of foresight to anticipate problems that might crop up.

The logistical issues are plenty but with the experience that have been accumulated over the years, these movement of people and vehicles have been rather smooth given the huge undertakings.

For the organisers of PETRONAS Le Tour de Langkawi, the years of experience has certainly gone a long way to ensuring that the movement of people and equipments are as seamless as humanly possible.

And this year, a total 190 cars are being utilised alongside 105 vans to transport the riders, officials and the teams’ equipment

Six buses, four pick-ups, 53 lorries and four generator are also in use for the Tour with both humans and vehicles knocking in more than the 1278.1km race distance this year.