They are the frontliners and are among the first to be at the start and finish line of each stage of PETRONAS Le Tour de Langkawi.

They are the traffic police personnel of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) who each day brave the sun and the rain to ensure the safety of the PETRONAS LTdL entourage alongside the general populace.
For this year’s event, PDRM has enlisted 115 traffic policemen from all over the country for assistance with those on motorbikes numbering 80.

As far as the traffic cars are concerned, PDRM brought along with them a total of six with four being used for the race while two were placed with the cavalcade.
These numbers do not include those police personnel from the smaller towns and areas who manned the inner rural roads at every district and junction.

They not only have to put up with the inclement weather these days but they also have to be stationed at these junctures hours before the peloton would pass through.
At the same time too, some of them have to put up with the often times upset locals at not being able to move around according to their whims and fancy as they usually would.

Other than the personnel from PDRM, the PETRONAS Le Tour de Langkawi also enlisted bike marshalls to give further assistance to the smooth running of the race.
For the current event, a total of 38 motorbikes including two spare bikes have been utilised where they do more than just assist with the traffic when the peloton moves from one place to another.

The bike marshalls help to control the race by receiving instructions from the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Commissaires and also assist with the Television Production of the race.
The marshalls also help with other media work by having photographers and cameramen on pillion to record the day’s event.
It’s a tough job indeed.